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Professional Declutterer & Organiser and Certified KonMari® Consultant

Professional Organiser and KonMari™ Consultant in Training

If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the volume of clutter in your house, are moving and want to reduce what you own or simply dream of a home that is calm and relaxing, then I’m here to help. As a KonMari Consultant and member of the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers I help people throughout South Wales transform their homes through the process of decluttering and organising. I use the principles of the KonMari Method® with a Tidy Lark twist.

Let me support you create an organised and welcoming home in which you can thrive.

Professional Organisation Services

I’ll work with you to declutter and organise, offering support, advice and practical solutions. My mission is for you to enjoy getting your house in order, so you can create an organised home and life you love. 

KonMari™ Method
the method

As KonMari Consultant I’m fully qualfiied in the life changing method created by Marie Kondo. We’ll organise by category (clothes, books, papers, komono and sentimental) and focus on keeping items that you love and value.

Louise - Professional Organiser and KonMari™ Consultant in Training
about me

Hi! I’m Louise. I used the KonMari Method® to declutter my home and now enjoy the benefits of living with less every day. I use my experience and training to offer a friendly, non-judgemental and confidential approach to tidying your home.