2024 Declutter Calendar

Do you want to declutter your home, but feel overwhelmed? You don’t know where to start or how on earth you’d get through your whole home? Then my 2024 decluttering calendar is for you. It’s available as a PDF download today.

Sorted by Summer: Your Roadmap to a Simplified Home

Sorted by Summer: Your Roadmap to a Simplified Home breaks down the first 6 months of the year into the KonMari Method™ categories. It begins with clothes, books and papers, before moving onto the Komono category (miscellaneous), and finishes with sentimental.

The Komono category is often where people get lost. It’s a big one, as its everything else you own. In the Sorted by Summer decluttering calendar, Komono is split into subcategories to help you get through this messy middle. You’ll have a decluttering plan, so you know what to do and when. This way you can stay focused, on task and to timescales. 

By following The KonMari Method™’s rule of decluttering in category order you’ll be able to appreciate the volume of what you own. You’ll then joy check with the benefit of having all similar items together, so you can make good choices based on joy. Once you’ve reduced to only what you love or adds value to your life, you can organise. Remember, no organising first!  You only want to put time and energy into organising the things you intentionally choose to keep.

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It may still feel a big task, but the 2024 decluttering calendar is structured so that you’ll know what you should be doing each week (and each day for those who prefer little and often). 

Purchase the calendar and you’ll also go on my mailing list to receive regular emails with more hints, tips and advice along the way.  A little extra Tidy Lark support and accountability, just for you. No spam, I promise.

Can you imagine feeling in control of your home in as little as 6 months? 

It is possible if you roll up your sleeves and take lots of decluttering action..  This plan is designed for just that – so you can be Sorted by Summer.  Approach it with the mindset that effort in the first half of the year means your home will be sorted once and for all. You’ll be relaxing in the sunshine before too long, never having to think about a massive decluttering project again. 

Sound good to you? Want structure to your decluttering in 2024? For someone to help you figure out what to do and when? Will you benefit from a little email motivation? Then Sorted by Summer: Your Roadmap to a Simplified home, my 2024 Decluttering Calendar is for you.

It’s just £9. You’ll save loads more than that by being super organised next year!

Come along and declutter with me in 2024 and let’s get you Sorted by Summer.

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