terms & conditions

This document details the ways in which The Tidy Lark is happy to work with you.  These terms and conditions are to set out to protect both parties. Please read them carefully before you enter into a contract with The Tidy Lark.

Memberships:  Louise Davidson, founder of The Tidy Lark, is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and abides by the Association’s professional Code of Ethics. 

Insurance: Louise Davidson, founder of The Tidy Lark, holds Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover for services as a Professional Organiser/Decluttering Practitioner with Westminster Insurance.

Confidentiality:  I value your privacy and will not disclose conversations we share during our time working together, nor will I share information about items we handle or decisions you make.  I may share your experiences in a more general (but non-identifiable way) with future clients and colleagues.  For example ‘one client’s solution was to…’. Photos may be taken during the sessions (with permission) for your personal use, so that you can see the progress you have made.  If you are happy for these to be shared on my social media accounts, then I may use these to promote my services, but this will not be done so without specific permission from you and no personal details will be given alongside images.  If the work is face-to-face, for safety reasons your name and address will be shared with one other person on a password protected system.  If I have safeguarding concerns I will override the confidentiality clause where I am obliged to by law in order to protect your health and safety, or that of others. 

Disclaimer: I offer advice on decluttering items in good faith, but I am firm that the final decision about whether to keep or discard items (and how to store them in your home) is wholly yours and therefore you will take all responsibility in this matter.  I will take no responsibility for the decisions made during or after the consultation process or the consequences of the decision(s) you make. I do not have expertise in recognising rare items or making valuations on such items, therefore will always advise that you seek professional valuations for possessions for either sale or insurance. I handle items in your home with the utmost care, but cannot guarantee that accidents will not happen.  You agree that in the case of accidental damage or loss that I will not be held liable.  Therefore you are advised to ensure that you have the correct insurances in place to compensate you adequately before we start work together.  

Limits of Service: During the organising and tidying process I will support you to achieve the level of tidiness agreed in our initial consultation.  I will handle items and support you to move furniture that is within my/reasonable physical capability.  I will not lift or move large, heavy items of furniture that would put either of us at risk of injury or risk of damaging your property.  I do not provide a cleaning service.   You have a duty of care to ensure that the working conditions are safe and free from risk.  If, during the time working with you I discover a significant mould or pest problem I reserve the right to withdraw my services until the matter has been professionally dealt with.  If I suspect you are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, I reserve the right to withdraw my services and charge a £50 late cancellation fee. Please advise if anyone, other than you, will be at the property during our sessions. 

Removal of Donations, Recycling and Rubbish: I work with you, the client, to evaluate your own belongings.  Any items that do not belong to you can only be decluttered with permission from this person, who must also sign these terms and conditions.  I do not hold a waste carrier licence and therefore am unable to remove items from your home.  This includes charity donations, recycling and items destined for landfill.   If I am able, I will provide advice / contacts to support you with the removal of such items, but you will need to liaise with them directly. I do not take responsibility for the service they may offer you.  

Cancellation Policy:  Both parties have the right to cancel a booking due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances.  I ask that cancellations are made within a minimum of 48-hours notice. Travel charges or other non-refundable expenses paid in advance will be invoiced to you at the time of cancellation. If you cancel less than 24-hours before our appointment, I reserve the right to charge a £50 late cancellation fee.  If you are not at your property during the agreed time, I reserve the right to charge for the entire session.  If I arrive at your home and the space we will be working in is inaccessible, I reserve the right to charge for the entire session.  If I have to cancel a session with less than 24-hours notice and am unable to come to your property we will seek to rearrange.  In these circumstances I will offer a 10% discount on your next booking, as a gesture of good will. 

Quotations: We will agree an hourly rate of payment at time of booking, as per your contract and anticipate the number of hours worked.  It is not always possible to be accurate with this, thus we may revisit the quote as appropriate.   You will be charged for the hours actually worked.  We may break briefly for a quick recharge and comfort breaks.  These are included in the working day.  However, there will be no charge for lunchbreaks or longer breaks taken. Travel (and any parking expenses) will be agreed prior to your confirmed booking. 

Payment Terms: The Tidy Lark may ask for a deposit to be paid prior to a session, which will be discussed with the client on an individual basis.  After the work is completed an invoice will be issued within 7 days and should be paid within 14 days of the date of the invoice.  Payments can be made by cheque or Bank Transfer according to the bank details on the invoice. Interest of 2% per month will be charged on all invoices remaining unpaid after 30 days from the date of invoice. 

Testimonials: With agreement from you, I may ask for a testimonial to publish on my website.  I will not disclose identifiable details but may ask for your name and town for reference. 

Covid-19: If you, or someone in your household, exhibits Covid symptoms up to 14-days prior to a session then you must follow Government guidelines.  All parties present agree to maintain good hygiene practices and wear adequate protection as agreed before the session. Both parties agree to keep communicating about any safety concerns they may have during the session.

Please sign below to accept the above Terms and Conditions (required prior to our first session together). By signing this form you agree to me holding the personal information that you have provided. 

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Consultant: Louise Davidson