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Qualified to help you create a calm and relaxing home

Louise Davidson Consultant in Training in the KonMari Method™

Hi, I’m Louise Davidson, owner of The Tidy Lark.  I’m a Professional Organiser and a Certified KonMari Consultant. I live in Cardiff with my husband and three young children.  Together we love walking, running and cycling around our local area and exploring South Wales.

From experience I know that life generates clutter, and chaos seems to creep into our houses when we’re not looking.  Maintaining an organised home can feel like an exhausting, full-time job. I also know that life can transform when you tidy your home, helping you feel back in control. 

When I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo I was ready for change. I immediately started to declutter through the categories and realised this specific method was just what I needed.  I worked on my stuff first, handling every item and making some difficult decisions.  Living with less provided instant benefits in my life and I grew in confidence.  I then supported my children with their items and my husband was inspired to get involved too.

As a family we have significantly reduced the amount we own and our home is calmer, easier to maintain and has processes in place for the five of us to live an organised life.  Years on I feel in control of our home, live more intentionally and am confident in making decisions based on our family values.  

Decluttering and organising has given us freedom for so much more fun and laughter. The process was truly freeing and life-changing in every way. 

I feel so strongly about the positive results tidying brings that it inspired a new career as a KonMari Consultant and Professional Organiser. I’ve trained with Marie Kondo’s team and love supporting others decluttering their home using this unique, life-changing method.