The life changing magic

Happy faces to express the positive reviews of The Tidy Lark's services

Before I got in touch with The Tidy Lark I was feeling extremely overwhelmed.  Now I’ve finished my tidying festival I have a better appreciation of the mantra ‘everything has a place’.  We managed to find places for the most random of things and now that I know where everything is, life feels a lot easier. 

One key thing that I’ve learned is that there is not just one way to organise…this has been a revelation as I no longer feel guilt for not being ‘traditionally tidy’.  I can organise my life in a way that makes sense to me. 

I’ve also been left with a more philosophical take on life, which is that I don’t need to keep everything I’ve spent money on and it’s okay to use something once and pass it on.  I’ve felt so guilty about unwanted presents etc., but if I’m not loving or using them I’m stopping someone else from it and I think that’s an excellent mindset going forward. 

It’s quite cathartic to be able to recognise that you’ve changed as a person, and so your clothes and items you own would also naturally change as you grow older.

I appreciate when Louise know when to (gently) push me.  She really took into account my personality and preferences and would check in on how things were going. 

Louise was amazing. I really enjoyed spending time with her and going through my things – she kept me going when I felt extremely overwhelmed and anxious and kept me accountable in between session. 

I feel like I finished my Tidying Festival with not only a new appreciation for my things and a clear understanding of how I organise my life, but a new friend too.  I think everyone needs a Louise in their life. 

Thank you so much.


Last year we wanted to move and it seemed to out of reach (as in I couldn’t imagine tidying our house enough for photos, let alone for viewings or to pack and move!).  The work Louise helped us with has helped our mindset to the point we’re moving to a slightly smaller house with no fear for that and actual excitement. 


I wish I had met Louise years ago.  She would have saved me £1000s and a new outlook as I’ve been quite emotional since our work: wondering why I bought so much stuff, why I couldn’t give anything away.  Just why???  I honestly love my bedroom now as I can see the end result from what we achieved.  Thank you so much for your positivity. 


You’ll be so proud of me as I’ve just sold a piece of furniture that’s been in the garage for years. A lady has been in touch as she’s been looking for something like this for ages for her daughter, as she has one similar. It’s going to be totally loved – so thanks for inspiring me.  


Working with the Tidy Lark has allowed me to transform out home into a space that I love rather than a space that screams stress. 

Louise was fantastic at helping us decide what we wanted and needed rather than keeping things for the sake of it.  The decision making was not without emotion, good and bad, but it has allowed me to see through the forest of chores and envisage a more streamlined household plan. 

Louise was always patient, supportive and kept us on track even when we were in danger of veering off track.  We will always be grateful for her help and skills that have ultimately given us the living environment we needed as a family. 


I am so grateful to The Tidy Lark for all her help and advice. I recently approached Louise as my parents are getting older and their home has become too much for them to copy with on their own.  It is heart-breaking to see them living in such chaos when they used to have such a lovely home, and although help from the family is offered and well intentioned, it often has the opposite effect. 

Louise was very sympathetic to this and offered to speak with my mother, at no cost, and with no benefit to herself as my parents live in Leicestershire.  

Since then my parents have found the motivation to start the process of getting their home back and also thanks to Louise’s efforts have scheduled their first session with a KonMari Consultant, which was kindly arranged by Louise herself. 

I am so very grateful for all her help and now look forward to the time when there will be enough room for my own family, and their grandchildren to come and stay.