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How to declutter without feeling guilty about the waste

Items in a basket for donation

Are you worried that decluttering is wasteful? The guilt is real, isn’t it? You hate that you’ve wasted money – yours or someone else’s. You’re frustrated that you’ve wasted time buying it and keeping it thus far. You feel guilty…

How to stop clutter coming into your home

Woman with her feet up in a clutter-free home

Why is it, that no matter how hard we try, sometimes the clutter in our homes never seems to disappear? The thing is, committing to a clutter-free lifestyle comes in two parts: getting clutter out of your home AND stopping…

7 things to do before you declutter

Preparing to declutter

If the thought of decluttering is just too overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, these simple steps will help you feel organised before you declutter. It’s like getting organised before you get organised!  Use the list as a…